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Agrico PSA has all year-round high quality certified potato seed available! We have 4 high quality potato varieties that match various market demands. Check which variety fits best to you and order your certified seed potatoes for the lowest price!

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Markies is the number 1 potato variety in Kenya for French fries (chips) and is in big demand all over Kenya. Processors, hotels and restaurants highly value it for its frying characteristics and taste. Its low sugar level remains for a long time enabling excellent cooking quality.

It is yellow skin potato and late maturing (120 days).

Arizona is an excellent table potato variety for the retail and local market. It is a yellow skin potato suitable for cooking, mashing or using in stews. It is an early maturing variety (95 days), which gives a high yield with big sized tubers in various climate conditions due to its good heat and drought tolerance.

Manitou is a good variety for the Kenyan retail market. It produces big tubers suitable as a table variety for cooking at home as chips, for making mash or using in stews.

Manitou is a red skin potato and medium to late maturing (100 days).

Destiny is in demand by crisp processors all around Kenya due to its ideal processing characteristics: its specific round and medium tuber size and high dry matter content.

It is a yellow skin potato, early maturing (90 days) and has a fairly good heat tolerance.

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Suitable for all types of farmers

For Kenya, we have 4 varieties that match all its market demands and is suitable for all types of farmers, their specific climate zones, altitudes and other conditions.

Experience has shown that our potato varieties boost net income for Kenyan smallholders provided they become part of a holistic potato value chain and apply intensive good agronomic practices.

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We deliver strong and healthy potato varieties suited to local conditions and markets. Agrico Potato Services Africa is the leading producer of certified seed potatoes in Kenya.

High demand for Agrico's potatoes

Retail - In accordance with the requirements, our potatoes are of consistently high quality. Potatoes with a unique taste profile, a variety that offers extra convenience, or potatoes that perfectly match a sustainability strategy or the customer's mission - whatever the requirement, Agrico's varieties respond to different trends.

Processing - This industry can rely on both volume certainty and quality when it comes to Agrico’s potato varieties. Our potatoes represent long-term stability and come in the right tuber shape and flesh color for the production of fries, chips, convenience foods, flakes and starch.

Click following (video-) links to see why companies such as Tropical Heat and Laazizi have a persistent demand for Agrico varieties.

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Agrico PSA offers great seed potato varieties!

For selection of the right potato varieties, Agrico PSA ensures it understands both the farmer characteristics and market requirements

We have potatoes that vary in maturing period and dormancy and for different climate conditions regarding the best way to grow them. With our portfolio of potato varieties, we are sure we can meet a wide range of requirements.

My colleagues and I are ready to help you select the most suitable variety for your use. Contact us today.

Ruth Ngina

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