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Which method of potato training do you prefer?

Agrico Potato Services Africa offers training in various forms. We provide training for all knowledge levels from starting farmers to highly experienced ones. So there is always a training module that suits you and your options.

Video tutorials on Profitable Potato Farming with our agronomist, demonstrating and teaching farmers from our farm in Nakuru about intensive management.

  • Allows you to learn when it suits you.
  • View tutorials regardless of time, weather and geography.
  • You can repeat and skip sessions as needed and stop for breaks.

Click here for instruction video's about potato preparation, planting, growing, diseases and harvesting!

Group training by our agronomist Daniel on our farm in Nakuru at our Potato Centre of Excellence (PCE). Interested? Fill in the registration form to participate in our potato training. 

  • Practical, in-field demonstrations.
  • Interaction and shared learning with the other participants.
  • Identifying problems together and finding corresponding solutions! 
  • Our agronomists can answer your questions directly.

On-site training in collaboration with our partners at a location near you, where every aspect of potato farming is taught by an expert, be it related to seed, nutrition, crop protection or otherwise. These training courses take place on location during a specific season. For information about on-site training contact Daniel.

  • No travel time or costs for the participants by determining the location yourself.
  • You determine the optimal size of the group(s) in consultation with us. This creates space to learn from each other.
  • Range of experts involved to advise on all potato growing aspects.

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Agrico Potato Services Africa cares about farmers!

Agrico PSA is a company that not only sells its seed potatoes, but also helps farmers how to use them as well and profitably as possible. My colleagues and I are therefore ready to help you understand how to maximize your potato yields after purchasing your certified seeds from us or how to access our trainings in the easiest way. Get in touch with us today.

Daniel Mwaura

Smallholder Training & Extension