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May 2022

Agrico PSA is proud to communicate another impressive milestone reached: now over 50,000 Kenyan potato farmers are digitally partnering via our Facebook page! PSA’s Facebook page has evolved into a platform where potato knowledge is shared between Kenyan farmers, connections between farmers and off-takers are supported and value chain developments are shared.

Providing potato farmers access to affordable (micro) finance is an important element for further upscaling Kenya’s potato value chain. Via partnerships with financiers, PSA supports potato farmers in acquiring access to micro finance. 

April 2022

Providing farmers access to potato markets is one of the key foundations for any sustainable potato value chain. A nice example how this works in Kenya is illustrated by Simplifine, a new Kenyan processor.

Potato storage plays a key role in food security. What many people do not know is that choosing the right potato variety has a major impact on storability. 

March 2022

Good Tanzanian seed potato news: Markies, Arizona & Manitou have been recommended for official release. PSA is an abbreviation of Potato Services Africa. Although our main focus is on Kenya, we are also a regional hub for nearby countries. PSA has been supplying its partners in Uganda and the DRC with Kenyan seed potatoes for many years. At short notice we will support farmers in Tanzania with access to high quality certified seed potatoes of our modern Agrico varieties from Kenya too.

For 2022 we will upscale our partnership with NPCK’s Viazi Kings. Viazi Kings is a modern platform that provides farmers’ access to seed potatoes at affordable prices. This week we hosted a team from the NPCK and Viazi Kings at our seed potato farm in Nakuru county. We discussed the status and the developments in the Kenyan potato value chain and what farmers need to do to benefit from potato farming and certified seed. We are looking forward to see our partnership develop further!

One of our pillars of a sustainable potato value chain is providing farmers access to finance. Today we hosted a team from Platinum Credit Kenya, a micro-finance company with a vision to provide emergency financial solutions across Africa. The company has become a major regional player with a footprint in all counties in Kenya, and it has over 100 branches. We are planning for a strong joint approach with all potato value chain partners to empower and train the Meru farmers for better yields on Markies potatoes coming season. Our collaboration with Platinum Credit Kenya is a nice example how we support farmers in acquiring access to finance.

Agrico PSA participated in a potato marketing meeting with KCEP-CRAL Plus, an initiative to support farmers to recover from the negative effects of COVID-19. The key participants were ead farmers, potato buyers implementing officers from MoALF and the KCEP-CRAL Programme Coordinating Unit.

Kudos to another Markies potato off-taker, who peels, cuts, packs & distributes fresh chips. Value addition is the sure way in profitable potato farming. Enjoy the potato processing video!

The program has encouraged and supported farmer producer groups to buy certified potato seeds, among others from Agrico PSA, to boost yields.
We are proud to have partnered with the World Bank funded KCSAP program in many counties, Uasin Gishu being one of them.
The ASK show in Eldoret is still happening today, visit the showgrounds if you are around.

The majority of Kenya’s 800,000 potato farmers are excluded from high value markets like restaurants and takeaways-not necessarily because they cannot produce enough, but because they have limited access to full range of potato varieties and the tools to produce them to market standards.”

As Agrico PSA, we are determined to offer farmers a solution to this by linking farmers direct to markets too.

Our colleague Martin Mwenda joined the team from Kephis Nyeri to establish a potato demonstration plot near Ndaragwa. We have planted all 4 Agrico PSA varieties to be able to educate and engage farmers in this region more about the potential our seeds have.
Of course we work together with partners on nutrition and crop protection to get a good yield.
Keep following the page for updates and we will post the dates for field days once confirmed.
If you are in Laikipia, Nyeri, Meru or neighbouring counties and want to know more about our certified potato seeds, then call Martin on 254 758 841963 or email to

AFA farmer Nyandarua

Launch AFA IFAD farmer support in Nyandarua

Today we are in the field again; we are in Mirangine in Nyandarua County to celebrate the launch of AFA IFAD input support program for potato farmers. The program targets potato producer groups in 3 counties being Elgeyo Marakwet, Nyandarua and Meru.
Today the CS Agriculture Hon. Munya will officially launch the program for Nyandarua, where we hole to give a lot of farmers improved access to certified Markies seeds from Agrico PSA.

Februari 2022

We love it when farmers invest in certified seed potatoes and follow the intensive agronomical practices that we recommend, because the outcome of this is incredible.

Today we see one farmer Mr. Jackson Korir who did a good job in the South Rift region (Bomet) of Kenya with Manitou variety from Agrico PSA. He achieved yields equivalent to 8.5 tons / acre and had no challenges accessing market for the potatoes.

Have you tried our Manitou in South Rift yet? Talk to Mutai our Technical sales Officer on 0758908078.

In today’s videos you will learn more about how to prepare your land prior to planting of your potatoes, that includes an explanation on how and why to undertake weed killing (manual & chemical) and then proceed to ploughing, harrowing and levelling of the fields.

Another testimonial from 2 farmers who grew Arizona variety and were both very impressed by its performance, especially tolerance to relatively hot and dry weather:
• ‘Drought was a major challenge in Bahati area this season, but I was still able to harvest Arizona potatoes. It has very white tubers. The market accepted it.’ Peter from Nakuru
• ‘During germination the crop had much vigour’ – Monica from Kinangop
Take advantage of our introductory offer on the Arizona variety, with a 50kg bag of certified seed size 2 going at KES 2,200.

Agrico PSA attended a joint stakeholders planning meeting in Nakuru organized by Cereal Growers Association and FTMA under World Food Programme on 11th February 2022.
The meeting aimed at streamlining participatory approaches for integrated development as well as aligning calendar of activities among partners for improved sector coordination.

The partners agreed to join efforts in planning for demos, fairs and collaborate in execution of programs and projects such as e-voucher among others

The project aims to support potato farmers’ access farm inputs at 60% subsidized prices.
The stakeholders present were AFA, IFAD, KEPHIS, MoALF&C National and County level, NPCK, among others.
The event was graced by CS Hon Peter Munya, who showed a keen interest in Agrico PSA’s certified seed potato varieties.

Januari 2022

KFC confirms that the right potato variety for their chips is MARKIES! Read more about this variety in the article of Business Daily Africa. 

Here is good news thanks to National Potato Council of Kenya , commitment from Hon. CS Munya to support farmers to grow the right Markies potato variety to meet the demand for good chips-potatoes by KFC KENYA
Farmers can order for their certified potato seeds for Markies variety from us at Agrico in Nakuru only.

Sereni farmers

Sereni Fries and Tasty Bits are engaging with farmers

Some of our offtakers work; kudos Sereni Fries and TastyBits for engaging so pro-actively with farmers to ensure you get good potato produce for your onwards value addition of processing into chips.
Good to know that Sereni Fries works with among others Markies and Destiny varieties from Agrico EA., this can be an opportunity for farmers wanting to plant potatoes and asking about market for the Agrico varieties.
Reach out to Sereni Fries for more info, and watch their video testimonial about the Markies variety here:

The certified Markies variety seeds are available for sale at the company all year round, to facilitate the farmers grow the variety for off-takers all year round.

Read more in the news article from Nakuru News! 

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